Empowering young girls with a message of hope and a brighter future. 


We are driven by a passion to provide a safe haven for girls affected by sex trafficking.


Know The Facts

Learn about the impact of underage sex trafficking and how Mollie's house strives to help. 

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Learn more about our faith based program and therapeutic services we offer at Mollie's House.  

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Make a Difference

Learn how to help stop Trafficking in your area and how to help Mollie's House in the fight. 

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Hear a survivor's story.

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Sex Trafficking is a dark evil that has gone ignored far too long. We aim to expose the truth, the truth that leads to greater healing.

Help heal by learning the facts. 



Mollie's House is truly Dedicated to change, offering more than just a spark.

We are here to help the girls become a light in the dim world after going through some of the worse times in their lives. Our program utilizes TREM in order to encourage and help the girls regain their confidence. Click to learn more.